Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last Wednesday I continued to help train Clerk Y. They wanted him to observe and at some point that afternoon to perform his first ceremony.  Y observed the first wedding I did.  It was a couple in their 20's.  The groom was really nervous and kept forgetting he was to repeat the vows I gave him.  The most memorable thing at this wedding was a 3 or 4 month baby who had a high Mohawk.  Who does that to a baby?

After that Y and I talked about if he was ready to do a ceremony.  He said he was.  When they brought us a license, I let him do everything.  I did not recheck the license, he was on his own.  Of course I was in the Wedding Room for moral support.   He did a great job.  He asked all the right questions, made the room his, and made everyone comfortable.  He had a good speaking voice (found out later he had taken public speaking courses).  Y graduated with honors.

Y lucked out and had the most interesting wedding of the day.  The bride was slender, busty, and blonde.  She wore a lined white lace dress.  The dress was short with a flirty semicircle skirt.  The bride wore white high heel sandals.  The groom looked as if he pulled a dress shirt and Dockers out of the dryer and threw them on.  The bride was really lovely looking and then she opened her mouth.  Her voice was not sultry, was not even adult sounding.  She sounded as if she were 4 years old.  The little girl voice just did not fit her, she was not a little girl.

As Y began the ceremony the couple kissed.  I thought awwww, how sweet.  Then after every sentence they kissed and kissed.  Yep not a little girl.  This was a woman and her man who needed to get a room.

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