Monday, December 23, 2013

17 Weddings, 17!!

When I arrived at the county building this morning, people were waiting for us to open.  Looked like a busy day to me, and I was right.  Most Mondays are busy, but not until about 9:45.  Today by 10:10 I had done 5 weddings.  My desk was covered with licenses.  We went to plan B, a runner to bring up couples and I would stay in the wedding room. I didn't leave the Wedding Room area until 12:30 when the next volunteer arrived. Total 17 weddings for the morning.

As I said last week, when I can't make notes I don't always remember dresses or fun details.  But I do have some things to share.

The first wedding the bride and groom were both in the Navy, stationed in Japan.  The bride was gorgeous!  Her hair was in 3 or 4 inch dreads.  On her head was a white fascinator.  Her dress was elegant, creamy white lace over taffeta.  It was strapless with a heart shaped bodice.  The skirt was semi full with a train.  Little pearls were scattered over the gown with brilliants at her waist.  The groom wore a dark blue suit. I loved watching them hold hands and gently rub each other 's thumbs.

The next bride looked mad.  Her face was tight with I thought anger.  Oh boy, this could be interesting.  Nope, she was trying to not cry.  The tears won.  Gentle tears spilling from her eyes.

Another bride was a little pixie woman.  So cute wearing a white knee length lace dress.  I then noticed she doesn't shave her legs.  It was a little bit of a shock, usually the non shavers look a little more Berkeley.

And then 12 weddings with no more notes.  I do remember some details.  Two tiny women dressed in very crisp pant suits with buzz cuts.  A same sex couple had done research of where to marry in the Bay Area.  They told me they were thrilled I did their ceremony.  My name had popped up in a review of  Alameda County Weddings as the best, very caring.  That made my day.

Other memories: a groom was in his Navy uniform and his bride in a cream colored dress.  The dress had a peplum, which I usually hate.  But her body shape made it work.  I had women in beautiful saris.  Guests in peek toe shoes and lovely black dresses.  Today most of the couple and their guests were extremely well dressed. One bride wore a very different wedding dress.  I am almost sure she found it in the lingerie department.  It was a nightgown, I just know it was.  At least it wasn't see through. 

Nearly every ceremony someone cried, men and women.  Today every wedding the love was felt by everyone in the room.  It was a fabulous morning of weddings.  It also was very tiring and I took a very long nap this afternoon.

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