Friday, December 6, 2013


First, I did not go to Kaiser School this week.  I was up and dressed and had time to check email before leaving.  Ms. H had sent an email saying she hoped I read it before coming to school.  They had a field trip and she had forgotten to tell me.  Good thing I am addicted to email. It would have been bad to drive for 45 minutes and no First Graders at school.

What to do, I am dressed in full make up and nowhere to go.  Luckily two friends are spontaneous.  We went to breakfast. 

This week has been so cold.  Wednesday night it went down to 26 degrees.  That is cold anywhere.  But in the San Francisco Bay Area, that is record breaking.  Tonight they are talking snow in the Berkeley Hills.  Yuck!  Hopefully where we live will only get rain.

I have lost 46 pounds since the great hospital drama of September.  I have gone from a 18-20 women's to a 14 petite.  I still have more pounds to lose.  I will keep you posted.

Tomorrow we go to our first Holiday Party.  I am excited to be able to fit into my pretty clothes for the party.  I also an excited about the food that will be there.  Ben and Dan are really good cooks.  Last week the doctor told me I could taste "bad food" and one meal of the wrong food won't kill me.  I even get to have a glass of wine.  Marty is loving I can't drink much.  He gets to drink and I get to drive home.

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