Sunday, December 8, 2013

Party Time!

We went to a party in San Francisco last night.  Out hosts Dan and Ben are great hosts. They provide  wonderful food, a bartender to pour what ever you want (my one drink of the night was a large champagne), interesting guests, and a beautifully decorated home.  Oh, I forgot the two adorable dogs who gave us all lots of love.

The drive to our hosts' home non rush hour, non holiday takes at most 40 minutes.  We were 1 hour and 30 minutes on the road.  Most of the time was at the bridge toll plaza and on the bridge.  Saturdays you get people with no Fastrak, that slows down all traffic as they try to figure out where are the cash lanes and then they fumble for cash.  Finally onto the bridge, and we have another stop and go situation.  The bridge and the views are stunning, but people come on this is a highway not a look out point. 

I so wanted to take pictures of the food, the table, the party.  But I decided that would not be classy and maybe rude.  But you all would have loved seeing the table.  It was in tiers with food identified for people with allergies.  Some food was slanted on two tiers, some placed at just the right angle, a knockout table. 

60 guests were invited, and probably 59 were there.  Men were all over the house.  Eating, drinking, talking, having fun.  We had a great conversation with a couple we have seen at other parties over the years.  We sat in the office and caught up from last year.  Once again I was the only woman there.  Marty and I were the token straight couple. 

We had some fun excitement, Ben was showing us his new kitchen toy, a cartridge that makes instant whipped cream.  Pour in, shake, and shoot.  Well, it was "empty" and he was taking it apart to pour in more cream.  He pulled and whipped cream went everywhere.  Up walls, all over him, Marty was beside him and had whipped cream in his hair, on his shirt and slacks.  I was at least 3 feet away and I was hit too.  In my hair, on my fancy red top, on  my velvet slacks, on my hands and face, whipped cream had landed. It was so funny.  We laughed and then cleaned ourselves  up.

Great party Dan and Ben!


Erik Appel said...

You laughed and cleaned yourselves up?

My mother has come so far as we are 30 years past crushed pecans and super-shooters.

Janet A said...

Erik, I told them about the super shooter incident. And I wasn't the one cleaning whipped cream off the walls and cabinets.