Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Recap

We love Christmas time.  We decorate our home, we go to parties, sometimes we have parties, some years we have family visit, Erik and his wife sometimes join us for a meal or appetizers, and we go into San Francisco on Christmas Eve.  We try to send out a Christmas letter every  year, but that doesn’t always happen.  This year the letter was written, fancy paper bought, and we never sent it out.  Maybe another New Year Letter.
Our little tree.  With 12 foot ceilings even a 6 foot tree looks small.
We rode BART into the city and our station has an entrance into a shopping center.  We walked through and looked at decorations, and pretty things we had no use for.  Then we met friends for brunch.
Marty taking a picture of the tree at Union Square.  Yes, at night would be better.  But we knew we would be elsewhere in the city at dark.  The tree is gorgeous and huge.
These are gingerbread houses at the Palace Hotel.  They were several feet tall.
As  you walk into the Palace Hotel, you see this massive table with roses on it.  There had to have been 5 dozens or more roses.  Simple elegance. 
This is the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel at Embarcadero.   Look at the people to get the scale of the trees, hanging lights,  and sculpture. 
Around the sculpture is an fountain of sorts that has sheets of water.  Much like an infinity pool.  Between the water and the sculpture they set up hundreds of little houses, shops, tree, people, etc.  Pictures don’t really capture the beauty and fun of it.  But click on the picture to enlarge it.
After we looked at store windows, Union Square, hotel lobbies, The Ferry Building, we waited on a pier for it to get dark. 

  We stood and watched the Light Show on the Bay Bridge.


Janet A said...

The video is a mess. I don't know why it won't load correctly. Sorry.

Marty said...

Sorry about the video. It was so great in person.

Merry Christmas to everyone.