Thursday, September 11, 2014

Damn! I said that out loud.

You should never tempt fate.  I wrote I had been  "normal" for over two months.  And then like an idiot I said that out loud at my book group Tuesday night.  I didn't just tempt fate I waved a red flag.

When I got home that night I was in A-Fib, not bad,  no secondary things to scare us.  No reason to even call the Kaiser Advice Nurse.  We have gone through this over and over.  Nothing serious was going on.  Well, not until 2:00 in the  morning.

I drink a lot of water up until bedtime, so nature took its course.  I needed to use the bathroom.  Along with all my other annoying health issues I have vertigo.  So I always stand up slowly, be sure I am steady and then start walking, didn't work this time.  I just had cleared the bedpost and knew I was going down.  There was nothing to grab onto.  I bounced off the cedar chest, hit the table's pedestal leg with my head, and screamed bloody murder.   I hit hard enough I moved the cedar chest an inch (I found this out later from the marks on the rug) and moved the table a couple of inches. 

We called the Advice Nurse because I am on blood thinners and must be very careful with a head injury.  They wanted me in Emergency immediately. Thank goodness the new Kaiser is only 7 minutes from the house.  No more driving to another town.  Off we went, I was still in A-Fib, so knew they would keep me even if there were no head problems.

I checked out OK neurologically but the heart rate was too high and the blood pressure was way low.  After a couple of hours I sent Marty home to get some sleep.  I knew the blood work and the drip would be several more hours.  I was home before 9:00 that morning. 

I am sore and tired.  Marty had put an ice pack on my head, so no black eye.  We didn't ice my thigh and it is very colorful.  I was extremely lucky, no broken bones, no bad cuts or scrapes, no concussion.

So as I begin a new count of days not in the ER, I will not say them out loud.

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