Thursday, September 18, 2014

Always something going on at the Marriage Factory

I know, I am way late in sharing the weddings for the last couple of weeks.  I have great excuses, but will just say I am sorry.  Read on.

First couple of the day:  There's only one couple in either lobby, so they must be it.  I called their names and they came up to me.  I hear a clerk calling, "Janet, no, that is the wrong couple."  Well where is the correct couple?   I found them in the computer room off the second lobby.   The couple was fun and taught me a new term, loaner rings.  The jeweler had not finished their real rings, so they had two simple gold bands loaned to them. 

The wrong couple was my next wedding.  The bride was so cute and bubbly.  Her dress was fabulous. It was a swing dress with huge geometric designs in pink, green, and turquoise.  It was very 70's.  I asked her if she bought it in a vintage store, no at Ross. 

Sometimes I play Mother and take sunglass off heads, have them spit out their gum, take off work IDs, what ever needs to be done for good pictures.  But one wedding a clerk and I played concierge.  The wedding party was wanting a good brunch/breakfast on Telegraph Ave.  We both told them Aunt Mary's Café  .    Buttermilk pie, shrimp and grits with Tabasco gravy,  what isn't to like?

Sometimes we marry a couple we don't think will make it or we feel uncomfortable about.  I don't have to marry anyone, as a volunteer I can turn the couple over to staff.  But I usually go on and hope for the best.  The groom was 45 and this was his fourth marriage.  The bride was 20 years younger and no previous marriages.  They had a 2 year old who hated the father.  The child screamed bloody murder constantly.  He hated the elevator, he hated getting off the elevator, he hated going into the Wedding Rooms, he demanded to be held. If he was put down to walk, he kicked and yelled at the groom. Every time the groom touched the mother the child yelled no and tried to push the groom away.  During the ring ceremony the bride is holding the child and he kicked and screamed at the groom.  Clerk K and I think the child was trying to tell the world something.  We hope we are wrong. 

One last story and it isn't about the couple.  I asked is everyone here, answer was no.  A guest's car had been stolen, or hopefully towed.  He was talking to the police.  When he came in the lobby he was the saddest young man I have ever seen.  I told him he looked as if he need a hug.  He said, yes please.  Did they find his car?  Of course, I have no ending.

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