Thursday, September 25, 2014

A little bit of everything

Even though I wasn't well enough to do marriages Monday, I have weddings from other weeks. 

The couple was Chinese.  They were dressed beautifully.  His shirt, slacks, and tie were a rich silver grey.  Her dress was a floor length grey chiffon.  The grey knife pleats bled to different shades from top to bottom.  Then there was the MAJOR diamond jewelry.  I noticed the couple didn't talk, the witness did.  Not a good sign.  Yep, little English.  They couldn't understand anything I asked them.  Now the funny part of this is the clerk who did the paper work is the one who we called to do the ceremony in Cantonese.  She swears they asked for English. 

Screaming children are a part of the job.  The couple's 4 year old son started to climb a support beam in the Wedding Room.  I asked him not too.  I didn't fuss, just told him it was a no no.  He was not happy with me.  I thought here we go.  No, he sat on the floor and just sulked, not a sound.  His mother said that is his go to mad stage, great quiet sulking.

One wedding had many fashion statements.  Plus the Vietnamese bride was so insecure.  She did not want any pictures taken.  She was maybe 40 years old.  She held her hand up to her face and said, "No pictures, I am so old."  Since I am old enough to be her mother, I must be a real hag.  She did give in after the ceremony and allowed some pictures.   Her daughter wore Daisy Dukes, a turtle neck sweater, a thigh length leather coat, lacy thigh high stockings and Dr. Martins.   And the other witness (a woman in her 40's) wore a royal blue sleeveless sheath. She looked very sophisticated.  And then I saw her arm, she had tattoos.  It just didn't match her look.  She had a couple of Hello Kittys tattoos on her arm. 

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