Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What is that on your shirt?

I recently heard about a mom buying back to school clothes.  First that it is expensive, second you have to know/accept what style your teenager will wear, third it is expensive.  The mom was so thrilled her son finally was interested in wearing decent clothing, showering, and combing his hair.  All of us with sons remember that period when our sons' bedroom smelled like a dirty wet sock. 

Mom took her son shopping and they found some great shirts, bright, colorful, neat designs.  They both liked the shirts which were even on sell.  Score!  Home they go to show Dad the great shirts.

Dad looked at the shirts and then picked one up and said, "You bought this for school?  He can't wear this to school!"  Why not Mom and son asked.  "Look at the pattern."  And they looked.  The geometric design was not geometric.  Oh no, it was tiny cups and tiny beer bottles.  The shirt was a tribute to Beer Pong.

Lesson learned, put your glasses on and check that design closely.

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