Sunday, November 16, 2014

A little of this, a little of that

Marty takes excellent care of me.  He comes home with all kinds of stuff to keep me comfortable, to look better, or just to perk me up.

My hair has fallen out to an ugly state.   I guess I will have my head shaved when this round of chemo is over.  I need to be perky to make the ride to my hairdresser's.  Marty has been all over head coverings.  He googled chemo hats, wigs, head coverings for chemo patients.  I am happy with my baseball hat and the knit hats a friend made me.  Marty seems to want lots of scarves that look as if I tied them, but really are sewn together. He bought two great sparkly hats that I like a lot.  He  wants bright colors, design, fashion statements.   I just want  my hair back.

I went with him yesterday to look at head coverings.  I was tired and cranky, Marty was sweet and ignoring my bitchiness.  We went into a store that advertised they sold things for chemo/cancer patients.  First they didn't have chairs for patients, folks we poop out really quickly.  AND you can't try on any of the head coverings.  We left and I went home and took a nap.

Every day he asks what do I want for lunch, supper, for a snack.  And I always shrug my shoulders and go I don't know.  Even when food doesn't nauseate me, nothing seems interesting.   I am a hard one to help.

Warning Kirsten, gross stuff.

My mouth is full of sores and that makes it nearly impossible to eat.  These sores bleed, hurt, they make it hard to even open my mouth.  My teeth hurt and the gums bleed.  I am a mess.  The doctor had a mouth wash made up that you "swish and swallow".  It numbs my mouth for several hours.  So I can eat a little bit of soft food.  This morning I had bacon, scrambled eggs, English muffins: except I could only eat the eggs.  Everything else was too crispy, and hurt my poor mouth.

The "doughnut" is a huge help.  Pain levels have dropped.  Still not a nice thing to deal with, but we are handling it.

Back to sort of normal stuff.

We are getting excited about Thanksgiving.  My brother, Henry, and his wife, Ann are arriving on Saturday.  They know they are spending a ton of money to mostly watch me sleep and not eat.  But we will have fun.  We will laugh, Henry and I will as usual drive Ann and Marty crazy with stories from our weird childhood.  Some stories we tell over and over just to annoy our spouses.

If I am well enough we will go to friends for Thanksgiving dinner.   They have promised good food for all.  And for me, a warm bed with two adorable doggies to snuggle with. 

Keep you finger crossed that the chemo side effects don't go too crazy Tuesday-Saturday.  I would love to feel half way decent while Henry and Ann are here.

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Mallory Triplett said...

Reading your updates brings back so many memories of being with my mom through her two rounds of chemo. I had forgotten about the mouth if you don't have enough to deal with, throw that little "treat" in--UGH. I'm sure you or Marty have already seen them, but just in case, my Mom bought some "chemo caps" from Nordstrom--very plain, come in lots of colors, and straight cotton. Aside from a do-rag (bandana), they were the only things she could wear on her head that didn't cause itching. She dressed them up with scarves on occasion. Even then, she looked gorgeous. Thinking of you, sending you prayers and positivity.