Friday, November 21, 2014

Chemo, round 3

Tuesday I had another round of chemo, and it  kicked my butt.  They hooked me up, I settled in to read, rest, sleep, whatever.   Then I had great intestinal urges.  Not normal, huge cramps, pain, and some screaming and crying from me. I was shaking so hard that I was vibrating.  Also my blood pressure spiked and all went to hell in a hand basket.   My babysitter for the day, Kirsten, rounded up  nurses and they began working on me.

They stopped the chemo and started me on something to calm my body down.  After that IV took effect, we started the chemo again.  I was totally worn out by then.  Finally all was finished, they hooked  me up to my take home chemo, and home I went.

Wiith in an hour of getting home I was vomiting.  After I had taken all the medicine I was allowed and nothing was working, the advice nurse sent me to the ER.  After several IVs this was under control.  We got  home around 4 A.M.

The intestinal  problem hung around a little, the nausea was still slightly there.  Wednesday was a tough day.   Thursday I was better and slept most of the day. 

I am able now to eat a little without being scared it will all come back up.  The next week is the off week from chemo.  My brother and his wife arrive tomorrow.  Maybe I will feel well enough for us to have fun.  If not, they can watch me sleep.

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