Monday, November 17, 2014

Great Surprise

Late yesterday afternoon I received a nice surprise.  Marty's phone rang and it had a number and  Corbin, KY. (my home town) I figured it was a high school friend.  WRONG.  It was my Big Boy Cousin, Ernest Triplett. 

Now to explain Big Boy.  Ernest was 16 when I was born. I only knew him as a grown up. I only had 3 or 4 cousins my age.  Most of the Daddy's were gone fighting WWII.  Ernest is a true Triplett:  charming, good looking, great hair, never met a stranger.  He will tell you stories about Kentucky, entertain you and sell you half the merchandise in his store at the same time.   Tripletts are great at retail.

He and my mother (Aunt Anna) were good friends.  He told me last night that talking to me was like talking to his Aunt Anna, that I sound just like her.  Ernest told me about a family feud that just maybe my mother caused.  Mother kept someone from being buried in the family plot and the offended family member cut all Tripletts out of his life.  I found this really interesting, Mother was a Triplett by marriage.  How did she have such power?  And why?  When I feel better maybe I will get all the details.

He gave me lots of information about the names the Triplett men were given for generations:  Henry, William, Hall, Napoleon.

Ernest called to tell me he loves me and to give some cancer advice.  His first wife beat cancer for 15 years and then lost the second battle.  He talked about Marty needing to take care of himself.  And then he said if you lose your hair, don't wear a hat or a scarf.  Get several wigs and have fun.  Also he said people look at  you differently if it is evident you have lost your hair.  They know you are sick.  Fancy wigs, they talk about how great your hair looks.  Interesting observance.

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