Friday, November 28, 2014

Wonderful Week!!!

My brother and his wife, Hank and Ann, flew in last Saturday and left at 6:00 this morning.  We have had a great, wonderful, laughing good time.  Because we are a one bathroom one bedroom apartment they didn't sleep at our place.  A dear friend who lives close by hosted them, plus loaned them a car to get back and forth to our place. 

It was my off week from Chemo, so I was feeling pretty peppy. A couple of days they took me shopping for  a coat, sweaters and shoes. Now every woman knows that shopping is work.  Lots of walking back and forth looking for the perfect thing.  I can walk, I can even shop a little bit without help.  But this was a massive event.  No way could I walk for hours.  I poop out after a while.  How could I do this?  And the answer came from Ann, wheel chair.  I said no, that would make me too pathetic looking, plus I didn't' want to buy or rent a chair.  Again Ann to the rescue.  Did you know if you ask for a wheel chair at most stores, they will loan you one? 

They rolled me all over Macy's and Nordstrom's Rack.  I now have sweaters, a winter coat, and shoes that fit.  After a 100 pound weight loss, I was desperate for shoes that would stay on my feet. I even bought some killer boots.  We had fun and accomplished our goal, getting me warm clothing.

Another day we went to the jewelry store.  My wedding rings will not stay on my fingers.  So I am having several rings resized.  I have missed wearing my rings.  Next week I will get them back.  I am really excited about wearing then again.

Every day we went out for breakfast after our trip to Kaiser for my white cell shot.  Some times I ate before we went, others I ate with the family.  I always had hot chocolate.  Come join us and I will take you on a tour for the best hot chocolate out there.

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