Sunday, February 15, 2015

An update on me

This past week was a rest week between rounds of chemo.  Tuesday, if platelets are high enough I begin another 3 week round.  Although that may change a little after the talk we had with the oncologist Friday.

The oncologist said if she had seen me out and about, she wouldn't have dreamed I was a cancer patient.  My color is good, and I look healthy.  That was good to hear.  We were hoping for another scan to see if any progress, but she said it is too soon from the last one.  Then we talked about the chemo.

The three chemo meds I did before Christmas were just too harsh and hard for my body.  That is why we went with a gentler one in January.  The doctor thinks I have rebounded so well that we should add another gentle chemo.  It doesn't have as awful side effects as the pre Christmas chemo.  I might have some nauseas and more fatigue.  Marty is researching the new one and we will decide in the next week or so if I should take it.

I wrote a week or so ago about the loss of hair except on my upper lip and chin.  Well folks, overnight my eyelashes are coming back and I am growing head hair.  Doing my happy dance.  Of course the new chemo will probably make everything fall out again. 

I am a very vain person as mentioned in other posts.  When my legs swelled from the chemo I was really upset with the old lady no ankles look.  I now have ankles and must say they are damn good looking.  Then there was the hair loss. 

Even when I was bigger than the side of a barn, I felt I always looked good because my hair was gorgeous.  I had the Triplett silver hair.  Daddy had it, Uncle Fessor had it, Aunt Margaret, and Uncle Bill had the silver hair.  Big Boy Cousin Ernest has gorgeous silver hair.  It is a Triplett blessing.  So I cried when my hair fell out.  My hair was my crown of glory.

Here I am with pancreatic cancer that they can do little about, and I worry about ankles and hair.  Doesn't make sense does it?  Last night I dreamed all my hair came back nice and thick, but it wasn't Triplett hair, it was Mother's side of the family: Edwards' mousey grey hair.  In my dream I cried over the hair color, and had it dyed pink. 

Even in my sleep I am vain.

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