Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Health Update

This past week has been busy.  Last Sunday, as I posted, I did the Orchid show.  Monday I had lab work to see if I was healthy enough to do chemo.  Tuesday I went in for chemo.  We were to start an additional chemo, but it didn't happen.  My liver enzymes were too high, so I only did one chemo.  Erik is now coming every other Wednesday to help us. So I did laundry, down the 26 steps and across the parking lot.  And Friday night a friend took us out to eat in San Francisco.  I don't usually do things at night because I poop out about supper time.  I did pretty good and wasn't too tired when we got home.

I have been lucky with side effects, mostly.  I have the fatigue they warned me about.  It isn't awful. I can do most things I need or want to do..  I do have a problem, itching from head to toe.  I would wake up clawing my skin..  The doctor suggested Benadryl to control the itching.  It helped but did not last until the next dose.  So I am now on a prescription drug that is working.

All things considered I am doing well.  As long as I rest each day I can pretty much do what I want. 

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