Thursday, February 19, 2015

And another update on me

Sunday I had lab work done to see if everything would be a go for Chemo on Tuesday.  Because of the holiday the infusion clinic was closed Monday.  No  one would be able to call me if the numbers were off and they couldn't do the chemo.  

Tuesday morning Kirsten took me to Kaiser.  The nurse came out for me and said my liver enzymes were high.  She was waiting for word from the doctor on whether they would cancel chemo or do a lower dose.  We were all betting that the dose would be lowered.  The nurse took me back to the chemo recliner, took my vitals and then we waited.  Finally word came, do the chemo with a lower dose. 

After the chemo we met friends for lunch. As I have said before the effects of chemo are accumulative.  So I was becoming tired during lunch.  Kirsten noticed, she is a little mother hen, and said she needed to get me home for a nap.  She was right.  I  never knew when Marty came home.  I slept off and on most of the afternoon.  Later that night I had mild nausea and took a pill that took care of that.

I have been tired this week, as warned.  But I am still walking 30 minutes a day.  I am cooking meals and washing dishes.  Trying to do that normal thing. 

Marty and I decided last night to add another chemo as suggested by the oncologist.  The side effects are about the same as the one I am already doing.  She thinks I will just be a little more tired and maybe mild nausea.  This new chemo is also a more gentle one than the pre Christmas ones.  So I shouldn't end up in the ER or the hospital again.  Keep your fingers crossed.

We plan to go to the Orchid Show this week end.  I have been in training since Christmas to be strong enough to walk and stand for a couple of hours.  I really do not want to take the wheelchair and be pushed around.  If and when I get tired I can go back to the food court and sit down to rest.

I find it interesting that as long as I am wearing a mask, I can go out into groups of strangers.  But church and groups of friends are a no no. Friends want to hug me, kiss me, hold my hand.  My immune system can't take that.  Strangers don't touch me or hug me. 

At the orchid show, I won't be touching anything except maybe a chair.  At church I would be touching books, attendance pads, pews that members have touched.  Communion would be an issue because the loaf of bread is grab and rip a piece off.  Other hands have been there.   I would love to go to book club, I could wear a mask.  But by evening I am tired and don't want to be anywhere except in the recliner. 

So friends know I miss you, but have to take care of myself. 

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