Saturday, July 18, 2015

And this is how my week went

Monday I had lab work as usual.  All tests were in an acceptable range, so Tuesday I had chemo.  Good friend Pat took me to give Marty time for normal stuff.  Pat and I had a good visit as I was given my chemo.  No side effects that first day.  That night I did a load of laundry, with Marty's help.  Surprise, surprise, I slept Tuesday night.  I rarely sleep the night of chemo.

Wednesday I was doing well enough I did another load of laundry.  I did my 30 minute walk.  I cleaned the bathroom, and then I was done for the day.  I crawled into the recliner, put on idiot TV and rested.  I was slightly nauseated and took one of my magic pills.

Thursday Pat and I planned to go to lunch.  I was nauseated, tired, and not sure if I should go or not.  Then I figured if at home I will still be nauseated even with the magic pill.  I have to eat to hold my weight at a healthy level, so why not let someone else cook lunch and clean up.  And Pat makes me laugh.  That always out weighs sitting home alone. 

We also discovered a wonderful dress shop.  Most of what I liked was waaaay too expensive. I fell in love with an really expensive outfit but controlled myself.  I told the shop owner if I bought it I would have to be buried in it.  And that I already had a Mother of the Groom dress to be buried in.  What Pat liked would not work on her 6' 3" body.  So we just looked and enjoyed the beauty of the outfits.

Friday a friend from Kentucky took Marty and me to brunch.  I was still nauseated and tired, but toughed it out in order to visit with a long time friend.

Marty, John Kim, and me
Today is Saturday and I am being incredibly brave.  Marty and friend Mark are on their way  to Yosemite for two days.  I was invited, but no way I can hike up to the falls anymore, or walk trails.  Just the drive would have been tiring.  So I am home alone.  This is the first time since they found my cancer that I haven't had someone with me over night.  Marty is just a little worried about me health wise.  I am more worried being alone, I have always been afraid of being alone at night.  And that is why we have a burglar alarm. 
Oh, just to make my life even more fun, yesterday my knee started hurting and was not supporting me all the time.   I can't trust it and need to hold furniture, walls, banisters as I walk.  My question is, how can you go to bed and nothing is wrong but when you get up, the knee screams gotcha?  Not a lot of  pain, just uncomfortable walking.  Don't worry about me, this is a recurring thing and I just needed to bitch about it. 


Jenine Volker said...

Move ya Janet. Our words are very important so I am saying this in love- don't call the cancer " my cancer". I know that sounds picky but our brains are obedient to our words and will want to hang on to things we claim as ours. I marvel at your strength. Love you!

Janet A said...

Great point Jenine. It is THE cancer.