Sunday, July 5, 2015

I am doing well, so more travel

You may wonder if I am so sick, how can I travel.  I wonder too.  I think it is a combination of things.  Most importantly, Prayer Warriors are keeping me strong.  Other factors a gentler chemo. While in the hospital in December, we decided to go for quality of life.  I now have fewer side effects and I am stronger because now I can exercise and keep food down.  I am doing some traveling, but I must factor in rest time, legs swelling, and crankiness. 

Thursday I wrote about our great train trip to San Diego.  Today's post is a day trip all about trains.  Prepare to be over whelmed by too many pictures of not scenery, but of TRAINS!  We rode Amtrak to Sacramento to tour the Train Museum.  Did you know I love trains?

I only have one picture taken while we rode the train. 

On the train bridge crossing the Suisun Bay looking at the car bridge.  The dot on the horizon is the Moth Ball Fleet.
The museum is all about trains on the West Coast.  The transcontinental railroad was mainly funded by California business men.  Very rich business men.
This shows the building of snow sheds.  They protect the rails from being blocked by heavy snow.
A train from the mid 19th century

Another early train

Wood was burned to provide the steam on early trains.
Isn't this wheel great?
Sleeping cars were different from what we had last week. 

Ceilings were higher, and notice this is a double bed as was the upper berth.  Not a skinny single.

The Dining Car was where the real elegance was.  At least until about around the 1960's.

Two pictures of the kitchen
Just one example of the real china used in the recent past.
The Mail Car was a moving Post Office
Just to show you how huge these trains were.  Friend Mark and Marty . . . look at the wheel behind them.  Mark is well over 6 feet tall.
Love this Virginia City and Truckee train.  Look at the armed guards.  This line carried silver from the mines in Nevada and gold from California.
This train is gorgeous.  Look at all the colors, and that headlight.

Final train, a monster train.  These big ones are not like the trains Marty and I grew up with.  The monsters were for the West.  They had to cross the Rockies and the Sierras.  That took big honking engines.  Todays engines are not as big because of technology.  They also are not as dramatic.
July no more trips are planned.  I have to work in chemo sometime. And the chemo is what makes it possible to make these trips.

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