Monday, July 20, 2015

Shopping could be hazardous to my health

Today friend Kirsten took me shopping for some clothes for the Kentucky trip in August.  The plan was to go to Macy's ( I had lots of coupons, a gift card and they had a huge sale), next to The Nordstrom Rack for shoes, and then go to lunch.  My knee was still was acting up, but I was managing to walk fairly well.

Kirsten ran all over the store pulling outfits for me to try on. I was always about 20 feet behind her.  She knows me well and picked some neat things.  Then I tried them on and picked what I wanted to keep.  Trying on clothes takes a lot of energy.  I loved what we had found, paid for them and then we were off to the hat department.  My hats are really winter hats.  I need a lighter weight.

Well, the escalator and the elevator were out of order.  We had walked to hell and gone to get to the elevator and I was pooped.  Mother Hen, Kirsten cornered a clerk and explained the Disability Act to her.  The clerk took us through the back of the store and took us down on the freight elevator.  Then we walked twice as far to get out on the sales' floor.  I was wearing down fast.  Kirsten parked me in front of a mirror and brought me hats to try on.  I was getting light headed and nauseated.

We paid and headed to the door.  I was really having trouble, I was scared and pretty sure I was going to pass out.  Kirsten leaned me against the handicapped door and went for the car. I hung on to the wall until she pulled up.  She poured me into her car and took me home.  No lunch out. 

I haven't felt that shaky since an A-Fib attack in December.  But I wasn't in A-fib. I had just over done it.  Way too much walking that I had thought I could do.  I have rested, napped, and pretty much done nothing all afternoon.

A hard shopping trip.  But worth it, I look great in the outfits and new hats,  I will listen to my body sooner next shopping trip.  Yes, Kirsten another shopping trip.  We never got to the Rack.

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