Friday, October 23, 2015

And another health update

This week more of the same.  I continued to be tired, sleepy, and nauseated.  No chemo this week, so I was hoping my body would pep up.  But it didn't really.

I would get up, clean up and dress and that would wear me out.  But I know if I don't dress I will feel worse.  But no make up, that was just too hard.  To add to being in pain from my back, my bad knee decided it needed attention.  Now that isn't a huge problem I just stay off it, rest it, maybe ice it, and take Tylenol which doesn't do much.  That didn't work Tuesday.  I had a lot of walking to do Tuesday.

Tuesday was CT Scan day.  First I had to go to oncology to have my port accessed.  Then I had to walk to radiology for the scan.  I didn't think I would make it, the knee protested every step of the way.  This added to my anxiety about the scan.  A couple of weeks before I had taken the blood test, tumor marker.  It was up, not much but up.  Dr. Kuan said it is only a clue and it will fluctuate, don't worry.  Well I did some. 

All went well with the scan until I tried to get off the table.  My back said I don't think so.  And I started crying. The tech helped me off and I was to go to the dressing room.   I asked if there any closer than the one I used, yes there were.  Then she and the transport guy saw how wobbly I was and said they would let me dress in the scanning room.  The men in the safe room for techs turned around and I dressed.  They insisted I use a wheelchair to go back up to oncology.  I accepted.  He wheeled me to Oncology and I went in to have them take out the access line.  I lost it again and cried all over the nurse.  All this drama paid off.  The tumor is smaller and there is no spread.  YAY Prayer Warriors. 

That afternoon friends Pat and Kirsten came to visit.  They always make me feel better.  We laughed, did some serious talking about our lives, and enjoyed being together.

I slept all of Wednesday and ate very little.  Thursday was the first time in a long time I didn't take a nausea pill.  I still didn't like eating but did, sort of. Thursday night my two wonderful crazy friends from The Marriage Factory came to visit.  We laughed like fools and it felt so good.  They told gossip about co workers, flying lessons, trips they have taken, and we talked about every day goings on.  I was tired but felt so happy from the visit.  Love you Christine and Lourdes.  That would be in alphabetical order so Lourdes don't get your nose out of joint.

This morning I had a bone density test.  This is to set a baseline and check a disc problem. This is a very easy test for the patient, no dyes, you don't even have to wear a hospital gown.  I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.  The only problem was getting there.  My Kaiser doesn't do this test, certain Kaisers do certain tests and have certain departments.   Anyway, we were 45 minutes away one way for a 10 minute test.  It could be Monday before I get results. 

I am not as whinny as some of the blogs lately.  My friends and the nurses told me I don't have to be brave all the time.  I am allowed to be mad, sad, and scared.  Yes, I am human not always a superwoman.  Some days more human than others.

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