Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekly or is it Weakly update?

This week has not been as bad as last week.  But it hasn't been a great week.  If you remember I hurt my back last week, not badly but it hurts.  That has been a large part of my problems this week.  For the last week I have slept in the recliner because I can't get comfortable in the bed.  I am not that comfortable in my chair, so broken sleep.

Monday I had lab work.  Also it was the first day in over a week I didn't need nausea medicines.  Nothing tasted right, but at least I didn't feel as if I was going to upchuck.  Energy level was low but I wasn't exhausted. 

Tuesday was chemo day.  No big deal, no extra nausea.  But food had become an issue.  I was hungry, but the sight, smell, and taste of everything is just terrible.  I could smell all my neighbors' meals simmering away.  Yuck!  Friends came by before going to Book Group late afternoon.  They  wanted to pick up supper for me as they bought theirs.  I told them no thanks, I would stick with peanut butter.   They had wonderful Mexican and I didn't.

Wednesday I was really tired and my back hurt.  I didn't feel like doing anything, so I didn't.  Erik was here and besides all he regularly does to help us, he gave me some computer help.  I don't know if he realizes how important his visits are.  We talk, he works, we laugh, and of course we all three are playing on our IPads and sharing silly things.  That night I did not sleep well, I hurt and there was no way to get comfortable. 

Thursday I was a mess.  So tired and felt as if I were drugged. I slept off and on the whole day, even up until bedtime.  The nausea was back and I hated the thought of any food, even my safe peanut butter.

I worried about things I need to do today, Friday. We have invited our A Team (a group of friends who cook and have fun together) for pot luck wine and appetizers on Saturday afternoon.  I told Marty I didn't feel like cleaning the apartment and wasn't sure if I could make my appetizer and a surprise dish.  And my protective hero says we can cancel if you don't feel well enough.  Not going to do that.  I want to visit with these friends and I want some normal.  Marty will get stuff done even if I do have to sit in the chair all day today and tomorrow. 

One awful thing this week, chocolate no longer tastes good.  Before, even if I had just thrown up, chocolate would taste just fine.  This week I did a study of all different types of chocolate.  I tasted expensive chocolate, Milky Ways, M&M's, lots of different brands.  Nearly all were icky, some so bad I spit them out.  My taste buds are very sad. 

The week wasn't awful, just tiring.  I can do this manly because I have no choice.  I will make the best of it, blog about it, and vent about everything.

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