Friday, October 30, 2015

This week's update

Monday I saw the oncologist.  She told us the second tumor marker was lower, the bone density test was normal, and the CT scan showed no spread and the tumor was smaller.  Then she told us that it is very rare for pancreatic tumors to decrease.  They are happy if they can just hold them at the same size.   Prayer Warriors you are doing a great job.  She thinks I am anemic and suggested I have a couple of units of blood. 

Tuesday I had chemo.  I was nauseated before I got there.  They took my blood pressure and it was 99/67, not good.  That also explained being so tired.  I slept the whole time of chemo, I've never done that before.  The transfusion will take 5 hours, so an appointment was made for Wednesday.  Later we got a call, my hemoglobin is low, but too high for a transfusion.  They balance side effects I am having with possible side effects of a transfusion.  So the appointment was canceled.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I went shopping with Marty and didn't fall down in a faint.  The nausea was very slight.  I had hope for a good week.

Thursday, nausea and so very weak and tired.  I could hardly walk down the hall.  I was holding on to everything to stay upright.  I slept all day long until Pat and Kirsten came by to eat supper with me.  I watched them eat the lovely Greek food they had brought and ate my stand by, peanut butter. 

Today I have slept nearly all day.  I just can't stay awake.  But around 5:00 I felt awake and a little stronger.  I haven't done my regular walking in a month, only  Kaiser halls and shopping on Wednesday.  So today I walked for 15 minutes, again holding onto furniture and walls.  I know I have to walk, but it is so hard. 

I am trying to eat something even if it tastes awful.  I am losing weight again and that is dangerous.  Since I can't stand chocolate anymore it is hard to get extra calories.  Marty treats me like a toddler and says no you can't get down until you eat X more bites.  So I try to eat. 

These side effects are not as awful as some I have had.   But they seem to make me more cranky and bitchy.  I go to bed tired and I get up tired.  I dread food.  But I am not in pain other than my old lady joints.  I  will just sleep and try to eat and maybe at some point I will pep  up again.

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