Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday at Kaiser, scary

Big spoiler alert I am going to tell you all right off the bat, I am OK.  You don't  need to sweat bullets as my family and a couple of friends have.   Now for the gory details.

Less than 2 weeks ago I found a lump in my breast, right about where I had had a lump removed two years ago.  I first went into panic mode, so many women in my family have had breast cancer.  And many of them died from it.  I emailed my oncologist and saw her last Monday.  She felt the tumor also and put in motion for me to have a mammogram and possibly an ultrasound, needle biopsy, and maybe surgery.  In 6 hours I had my appointments set up and felt something was being done.  I was set up for Lab work on Sunday.  If my blood work wasn't in the normal range, they couldn't do a needle biopsy.  We only told a small group because I had no game plan.  We decided when we had a game plan, then we would ask for prayers if needed. 

This afternoon I went to the Women's Center in another town from my Kaiser.  They did a mammogram, yep there was a tumor.  Then the ultrasound. Text book tumor.  Not to worry.  But glory to be, no needle biopsy.  I have a Fat Necrosis that was caused by the trauma of the surgery 2 years ago.  The tumor is right where my scar is.  It rarely happens after surgery, but you know me, gotta keep it interesting.  Since it is all my body cells, it doesn't have to be removed.  It is not a foreign body as the other tumor was. 

Now this is probably really over sharing.  But I need to put it out there and let people know to check all parts of their body.  Saturday I found a lump, yes another lump, in my, shall we say, Lady Parts.  I was pissed.  What is wrong with my body to be growing lumps suddenly?  Isn't the one on my pancreas enough trouble?  I talked to the Advice Nurse, watched for more swelling, infection, whatever. I did warm compresses and hoped for the best. No one said to check for bleeding, should have.  Minor bleeding this morning,  not normal.

I was given an appointment for this morning to see a gynecologist.   Lovely woman, who had read my record and contacted the oncology department before checking me. The lump was a little painful, but not awful. Even though the lump was a little bigger than a nickel, it falls in the pimple category.  I never had a bleeding pimple, but that is way better than what I feared.  She excised it and gave me follow up instructions.  She said women just develop them and it is no big deal.

Again I received quick care, and good care.  All who worked on me were kind, informative, and patient with my WHY questions.  I do love Kaiser.

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