Sunday, January 31, 2016

So Much for Same Oh - NOT

Well so much for it all being the same.  Maybe I need to change my blog title to I am beginning to see endings.  I have become extremely weak and cannot stand without Marty helping me.  In fact that's been a problem too.  As he was helping me from bed to chair last weekend I got noodle legs and started falling.  Marty could not hold me up so we both went to the floor.  I landed on my knee and ankle and twisted them both.  I have been in much pain with that this week.  It has been more and more difficult to move.  Plus my torso has been aching terribly.  Mr. Morphine has been my savior as I have had more and more to alleviate the pain.  I get nauseous smelling food too.  My nausea medications help a little but I am not eating much at all.  Fast forward to Wednesday and Marty decides that the bed will become my permanent home.  Even going to the bathroom is an effort.  I am declining fast.  Marty notified all of our friends and family that my days were numbered.  The hospice nurse came over last night and put a catheter in.  That has relived some of the pain in my back and abdomen.  When we notified family, my niece Lisa Kay Nichols wrote one of the most beautiful blog posts about our life together.  For the rest of you here is a link to her blog:  Lisa I love you so much and appreciate you sharing.  My brother and his wife, Henry and Ann, came to see me Friday. Nurse Ann has taken over duties helping me.  Marty is so pleased to have the help from both of them.  They will be here a week.  I also appreciate my friends coming to sit with me again giving Marty some free time.  Again thanks for all of the well wishes, prayers, texts and calls.  Love all of you.


twalker said...

For me you will have no end for your sweet thoughtfulness will live with me. I'll never forget your kindness when we first join your Chevron family. You were there to greet us with a big smile, hug and Southern charm. I'll always think of you as one of those Steel Magnolias who make life a joy. Thanks Miz Janet.

Debby Gramm said...

My sentiments exactly. We were With UPS and Miz Janet was awesome. She understood it all. There is no one who hugged or said "I love you" the way she did.