Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Erik is right

My son, Erik, has chastised me for not mentioning the name of the Southern restaurant owned by a couple I married.  And he is right, I should have done that.  Late hours and a little wine makes one forgetful.

Eboraya's Soul Food & Catering.    
6326 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA 94508.   
Phone  510-601-1690   
They are open Tuesday-Saturday  12PM -10PM             Sunday 12 PM- 7PM  
Free delivery 12PM-5PM (except Sunday) minimum order $25 They deliver to a huge area, so ask if they will come to your house. 

Some web sites list them in Emeryville, the menu I have says Oakland.  They do not have a website.  They have good reviews on Yelp and a couple of other sites I checked.

A few items from their menu:  I don't know if the prices are right.  She was carrying the menu in her purse and making notes on it.  But you will have a general idea of the costs.

Pork ribs small $11.99 one side       large  $14.00 2 sides
BBQ chicken $9.99 sm     $11.99 large    same deal on sides.
Half chicken fried w/fries and drink   $9.99
They have fish, burgers, veggie burgers

Nearly all the sides are $3                                     Desserts run $3.50
Collard Greens
Cajun Rice
String beans
and lots more

It is a small place and sometimes has a wait.  The owners are Conya (I think pronounced like con man) and Charles. The restaurant is probably named after their daugher. If any of you (Erik) get there before us, let me know how it is.  Better yet, Erik take MOM and Dad out to dinner.  :)


Erik Appel said...

Have to say there are few things as great as having your mother post to her blog with a title saying "Erik is Right". Makes may day.

We'll be checking them out in near future ourselves. I bet they don't deliver to Pacheco though.

Janet A said...


They deliver to Dublin. They might deliver to you. Love you, MOM