Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the road again. . .

Yesterday Marty and I drove up to Davis to see our two week old great niece.  She is the daughter of my nephew Lt. Colonel  Daddy and his wife Dr. Mom.  My sister in law is here to help for a couple of weeks.  My brother was to fly into Sacramento on Wednesday for business and then go to Davis for the weekend.  But corporate life doesn't always work out.  The trip was canceled. So Little Brother missed yesterday's party.  We did call him at midnight his time (house and cell)  so he could join the party.  He didn't answer and missed our fun.

And fun was had.  Marty and I brought champagne and pate to celebrate the birth of Ava and her Daddy's promotion to Lt. Colonel.  They had jalapeno poppers, guacamole, and lots of wine.  We also brought wine. As I said, a fun party.  Of course we had to stay very late so Marty could legally drive.
           On the Benica Bridge on the way to Davis, which is just across the causeway from Sacramento.
Looking at the Mothball Fleet.
Marty is so good with babies.  He stood and rocked the beautiful Ava for at least 30 minutes. She wasn't crying.  She just likes to be held.  And who could resist this child?
            More of Ava. She leans into you as you hold her. She wants your warmth and keeps getting closer.
           Is that not a little face to love?  She looks so tiny, yet is 8 pounds.  A big baby for 2 weeks old.
       She grabbed my finger and held on.  Loved it.  This is such a feel good moment.  Babies, wow!
         On the left Grandmother Ann.  On the right, Dr. Mom, Casey.
                                         Dr. Mom has just fed little Ava.

I just realized I have no pictures of  the Colonel.  I took pictures all afternnon.  Nearly all are of Ava and of whomever is holding her.  I know Tres held her.  I guess I was just admiring Ava and didn't take pictures.  Next time Tres, next time.


Sue T. said...

I just heard a radio program about names, and it mentioned that Ava was the 5th most popular girls' name at the moment. The top 10 is: Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, Emily, Madison, Abigail, Chloe and Mia.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a beauty! So darling. May she have a wonderful life surrounded by great family