Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome to Eneha

I have an new follower.  I tried to send an email to welcome her, but for some reason Goggle will not let me.  I would love to know just how Eneha (I hope this is the correct English spelling) found me.  I am excited to have another out of the USA follower. 

I pulled up Eneha's blogs, but only some of the titles are in English.  So I can't read them.  If any of you out there read Greek, ( I think that is what it is) please let me know about Eneha. Click on her picture and that will take you to her blogs and info.

And Eneha, I would love to hear from you also.  Leave a comment and let me know about you.  I am pleased to have you as a follower.

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