Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yesterday we drove to The Sea Ranch for a birthday party.  Our friends have a lovely home there and hosted a great lunch at the lodge.  Getting there was an adventure.  FromOakland it was 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours.  Most of the trip is on a 2 lane highway which hangs over the Pacific Ocean.  Great views, terrible driving conditions: fog, wind, narrow blind curves, and flat lander tourists who are scared to death.  There are turnouts for the nervous tourists to pull over so the faster people can go by.  Unfortunately the tourists are too stupid to know they are driving slow.

We left at 8:00 in the morning to make a 12:00 lunch.  We built in the tourists, fog, and breakfast.  At Bodega Bay about half way there we stopped for fuel and food.  We were just going to have toast, but a great view and good smells caused us to order eggs and the works.

One of the views at Bodega Bay.  Notice the heavy grey fog. 

Part of the drive we were in the clouds and had to use our windshield wipers.  As we continued to climb, the road become curvier, narrower and more interesting.  Even with the fog the views were awesome.  And I really hate the use of awesome.  But this time, the only word that works.  We began to cross over cattle guards, (you city folks click here.)  Why would a highway on the side of cliffs have cattle guards?   This is why.  A Charolais bull was coming down the middle of the road.  And he was headed toward our side.  Look at the picture.  They stand close to 6 feet tall and weigh as much as 3000 pounds!  It was like a Hummer crossing into our lane.  We wanted to stop and take a picture but were afraid he would either charge our SUV or try to mate with it. So Marty car drove very carefully by him.  Others at the party also shared the road with the bull. He completely owned that highway.

I mentioned the turnouts the tourists should use and don't.  Marty taught many of them how to use the turnouts.  Marty must be the first on the road.  He must set the pace for everyone.  And if they don't understand that, well he drives up their tailpipes until they get off his road.   I do agree with him on this item.  If you are scared of the curves, scared of the narrow road, and scared of no guardrails, OK then drive slowly.  But pull over at the turnouts and let the people who can drive, fly on by. 

The party was lovely.  Lots of fun, lots of wine and champagne, lots of love in the room.  As the day wore on the fog finally burned off.  Below are three pictures from the deck of Hank's and Thom's home.

Looking left
Looking right
Looking head on           
I posted one of these pictures on face book yesterday.  Noemi commented that she needed richer friends.  Yes, it is good to have friends who share their toys.

As I said, a lovely day.

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