Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank goodness the clerk warned me.

Wednesday was slowly paced and I only did four weddings.

One couple had had a cultural wedding and were surprised when they saw how nice our wedding room was.  They both said they wished they had worn their wedding clothes for the civil ceremony.

Couple two were something else.  He was a tall Marine in his dress uniform. He was just back from his second tour in Iraq.   She was in a long white heavy satin strapless dress.  It had a gold beaded bodice, lacing up the back, a deep side ruffle and the whole dress was trimimed in gold. The bride had tattoos down one arm and across and down a breast.  I guess I am growing more used to heavily tattooed women.  Hers were beautiful.  They were colorful large flowers.

Her sister was to bring up the rings.  I told her to take them out of the boxes which makes less to drop for the couple.  As the couple started their vows, I saw a ring roll across the floor and under the bride's dress.  Her friend sheepishly walked up, lifted the dress, and picked up the ring.

Couple three just wanted the basic three sentences (they are about half way down that blog) because they were having a real wedding in February.  Then they changed their mind and wanted the long term wedding ceremony.  And the bride just fell apart during the vows.  He was teary while saying his vows, but she cried and cried and shook with emotion.  He held her until she calmed down and we finished the ceremony.  I've told you before, when I do a ceremony the couple knows it is an important event.

And the last couple.  Clerk R warned me this was a sad wedding.  The groom was dying, and did not have a lot of time left.  The couple had spent all week signing legal papers to protect the bride after his death.  They have been together 30 years and never felt the need to marry.  Now the legalities were staring them in the face. I never tell names, but this time I need the groom's real name.

As soon as they came up to me, Malcolm started telling me everything he had said to R.  And he became more and more upset.  The bride worked to calm him down, while letting him tell it all again.  In the wedding room I asked what type of ceremony and they wanted the long term relationship ceremony.  I looked at it and knew I had to edit as I read.  No in sickness or health, no for as long as I live, no use of the word future.  This couple has no future.  After the ceremony they stood and clung to each other.  The witness and I were a little teary eyed too.  Then they asked me to take pictures of the three of them.  So I did.  Malcolm put his bride on his left, put his friend on the right, and said, "I am Malcolm in the Middle."

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