Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Kids, what time is it?

There are two things that are really hard for first graders to grasp, money and telling time.  Children either get it or they don't.  Today I worked one on one with the children who had trouble with worksheets on telling time.  Some of the problems they were given a time, eight thirty.  They had to draw hands on a clock and write what a digital clock would say.  Other problems they had to tell where the hands are at 1:30.  The hour hand is between  1 and 2,  the minute hand is on 6.  Then they had to tell me why the hour hand isn't on the 1.   Other problems they had to fill in the blanks on counting on a clock.  6:00 ______ 7:00 7:30____  ____. 

We had word problems that said some one took a walk at 3:00.  They walked for thirty minutes.  When did they get home?  Draw hands on the clock and put the numbers on the digital clock. That last one was really hard for many of the children.  They don't read well, so they didn't know what to do.  And most will guess before asking for help.  Once they read it with my help, most could do the word problems.  Tough day, but many of them understand time a little bit better.

I also read a book to them,  Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett.  This woman is an incredible author and illustrator.  The detail in the pictures is wonderful.  This is the best link I could find.  It doesn't show the pages just the cover.  If you have little ones, find this book and read it to them.  Make them find the hedgehog. Talk about all the little hidden pictures.  A fun book.  Her other books are great also.

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Lisa said...

That quarter after/till thing really blows them away...