Monday, February 21, 2011

After Valentine's Day a few weddings

I did not expect many weddings on Wednesday and I was right.  There were only four couples to marry. Two weddings really stand out, and two don't.

Couple one, no memory of at all.  By the time I came down stairs, I couldn't remember anything about them.  Another couple I remember because they were so young, only 20.  And they were a very young 20.  They had family there to witness the ceremony. I rode down in the elevator with one of the mothers.  She looked at me and said, "I hope this works.  They're too young to marry."

I called the next couple, who were from India (maybe an important point). I asked if everyone was there, yes. The bride then said, "We need more time." Then they walked away. WTH???  They were all there, what is going on?  They finally said they were ready and we went upstairs.  The whole time the groom is texting and standing as far from the bride as he can.  I found out later from the clerk he was texting while they were buying the license.  I had to tell him to turn off his phone so we could do the ceremony.  During the ceremony they didn't look at each other, they stood a foot apart, no one was happy to be there.  No kisses, no hugs, not even hand holding.  This looked like an arranged marriage neither wanted.  I was told later they had a huge fight before we went upstairs. Enough of an argument that all in the lobby knew about it. The bride was shaking her finger in his face and he would say something and then keep texting.  We decided he was texting his girlfriend.

The next wedding began so very well.  Beautiful bride in a long white satin sheath with a chiffon sash and wonderful wonderful gold heels.  "Is everyone here," I asked.  "YES"  And upstairs we went.   As I was getting information (I had already asked them to mute their phones) the bride's phone rings.  She answered it and I asked her to hang up.  She did.  Lovely ceremony, lots of happy guests taking pictures.  I called for the witnesses to sign.  The first one signs, I asked where is D?  Oh he left before we came upstairs.  "He called me but you wouldn't let me talk to him."  What part of is everyone here do they not understand?

The names of the witnesses were printed on the license.  Now we can't use the license.  We had to reprint, and have everyone sign again.  I guess from now on I will have to call the names of the bride and groom, and call the names of the witnesses.

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