Thursday, February 24, 2011

He's Alive!

Marty retired from CHEVRON in 1999.  Once a year he would attend a marketing retiree luncheon.  He would see people he had worked with over the years.  We did not really socialize with most of the people.  They were business friends and we saw them and their spouses mainly at company functions.  We would see them sometimes at some one's retirement party, Christmas party, or a child's wedding. We would hear about them through the grapevine.

Two or three years ago Marty didn't receive a notice about the annual luncheon.  And then the next year, again no notice.  The committee who ran the retirees' group are not fans of computers.  They always send newsletters and luncheon notices by snail mail.  Consequently Marty had no way to contact them.  He didn't have home addresses or phone number.  He knew they lived in Northern California, but not what cities. 

He started contacting other retirees asking if the group was still meeting and to pass on he wanted to attend the luncheon.  This year he received the notice for the luncheon.  He made his reservation and yesterday went to the luncheon.

Huge, huge surprise.  The committee had received word Marty had died and therefore taken his name off the list.  Some people came up to him and told him how glad they were to see him alive. Their wives had sent word they were thrilled to hear he was OK.  Isn't that just weird?

Marty has not been sick, has not had any accidents, we have not moved during the "deceased" time.  He has seen some of the retirees at least once a year. Where did the he's dead information come from? 

Now what I also find strange, I have met these people over the years we were with CHEVRON. I have been to all kinds of events, dinners, conventions with them.  But not one of them ever contacted me to confirm the death, to offer their sympathy, or sent a card, nothing.


Marty said...

YAY!!!! It is still good to be alive!!

Janet Rudolph said...

This is plain weird..and rude that they didn't send a sympathy note. Glad he's alive! :-)