Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wine + Laptop =trouble

Last night my alcoholic laptop drank a full glass of wine.  We shook out the wine, used a hair dryer, and then put the Mr. Laptop in a bag with rice all around and on it.  Mr. Laptop had been drunk before and had gone to Dell rehab.  He is very old and really should not drink.  This morning we cleaned all the rice off and plugged him into life support.  Nothing. So off to the local rehab center.  They did a check up and said pull the plug.  He is too old to waste money on.  They will retrieve the information from the hard drive for me.

So now I need a new laptop.  This is not a purchase we want to make at this time. Marty and I don't share well.  We have to have two laptops.  We checked out Best Buy and Office Depot. Office Depot had a very small selection and they ignored us. We left. Best Buy had lots and lots of laptops and were very helpful.  We were very impressed with the information they gave us.  And it wasn't just talk either.  They pulled up PC magazine and showed us rankings of laptops.  So we bought me a lovely Valentine Day's present, a Samsung laptop.  We got a good deal, but damn it still is a lot of money.

I loaded all the stuff on my new laptop.  I did all the start up stuff.  I have it up and running all by myself.  If I had had Best Buy do all that for me, it would have cost only $99.  Aren't I a smart girl.

Marty and I decided from now on when we are drinking wine, pop, water, milk, whatever around our laptops we will not use a glass.  It is sippy cups from now on.

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