Thursday, February 3, 2011


I didn't write about the weddings Monday or the Wednesday before that.  Yesterday I did not go in to do weddings.  So to the other two days. . .

Last Wednesday I did two weddings with Indian couples.  The first wedding the couple was very stiff, stand offish, just there to get the legal part done.  It was if they didn't want to be there.  The second couple from India were to the other extreme.  This was an Americanized couple.  They had done the cultural wedding and this wedding they were going to have fun.  They laughed, they were loose, instead of holding hands they looped their arms around the other's neck.  They were serious about the ceremony, yet having a very fun time.

The next couple had not been in the building 30 minutes (it was a very very slow day, so people were moved through the system quickly).  Yet when I called their names, the groom was out feeding the meter.  We had to wait 10 minutes until he came back.  What is wrong with people?  Why don't they put over 30 minutes in the meter?  They drive me crazy.

Monday was slow and only 3 weddings each spaced out by over an hour.  The first bride and groom were each 22 years old.  They have been together 7 years and had a 5 year old son.  So young and so much life already lived.  The bride, the groom, and their son were dressed for an occasion.  She was in black and white, he was in black and white, and the little boy had on black slacks, a lavender shirt and a deeper shade of lavender tie.  As I was talking to the couple I could not keep my eyes off the bride.  She was stunningly beautiful.  Long wavy black hair, huge black eyes, and a creamy Snow White complexion.  This young woman would have made Angelina Jolie look like a plain Jane.  The bride was a plus size, yet that only added to her beauty.

My last couple of the day were from China.  The bride wore a white tiny strapless dress covered with ruched roses.  She was very thin and small boned.  When she stood sideways I doubt if she cast a shadow. He wore a long black frock coat over a black shirt and black slacks.  When I asked if they had rings for the ceremony.  They had no idea what I said.  I pointed to my rings and they still didn't understand.  I kept talking, nothing was going in.  I thought great, we are at closing time and I have to find a Cantonese commissioner to do this ceremony.   No one will want to stay and we will have a mess on our hands.  And then they started talking, a little bit.  They were nervous and didn't understand everything.  But they wanted to marry, they understand some, they just didn't speak English well.  They never did understand the word rings.  But I decided they understood enough English for me to legally do the ceremony.  So I did.

Many couples from different backgrounds.  Different English skills, different cultures, different age groups, but one huge thing in common.  They are in love and they want to be married.

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