Friday, March 25, 2011


It has been raining forever.  It started early this rainy season, way back in October.  We were told that the computers said it would be a dry season.  We might have to conserve water.  WELL,  that was wrong.  Oakland is at something like 136% of average rainfall total. 

Yesterday was hell. It was scary how hard and fast the rain came down. The wind was powerful.  One weather man this morning said, "I have been in this business a long time, and yesterday was pretty impressive. Yesterday was as bad as it can get in the Bay Area."   

I took some pictures yesterday during one of the ''cloudbursts".  I didn't get the hail, or the trees bending to the ground.  I was fascinated by the amount of water running through our property.

 Here I am looking at the sheet of water coming over the top of the gutter.  Then at the end of the brick step is white water from the downspout. 
 Here it shows the force of the water coming out of the downspout.  Again, white water in my courtyard.
 The rain is letting up a little bit here, but still white water pouring out.
 This is not a great shot, I took it through the window.  I wasn't about to go out in that downpour.  This looks like a waterfall.  No, it is the steps down to the lower yard.
 This is where all the water is going.  It came off the roof and down the driveway, down the back steps and hits that brick wall.  It then pours around the end and drops about 6 inches into our little vegetable garden area.  Then the water goes through the deer fence into our down hill neighbor's yard.
 I wish I had video to show the water pouring over the edge here.  It was something to see.
 Check out the stepping stones.  They are totally covered.

And it rained all night and more rain is expected through the next couple of days.  Oh, did I tell you the water is coming through the wall in our lower level?

Where is the sun?  Please bring back the sun!

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vallerose said...

I couldn't believe the rain on Thursday. Then at midnight it was as if the heavens just opened up, right over our heads. Today, Monday, there is sun. How strange. NOrmally I enjoy the rain because too much sun makes me nervous, about drought, fires, etc. But this time there has been too much rain,all at once, even for me.