Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This and That

There will be no wedding posts this week.  Monday I didn't go in to do ceremonies.  I had only 3 hours sleep Sunday night because someone I love dearly is a bed hog.  Today Marty needed the car for a couple of appointments, so I am not going in today either.  Strange week.

Yesterday I did volunteer with my first graders.  When the class broke into groups I listened to some of them read.  But mainly I worked with a group doing math.  They were counting by twos, fives, and tens.  Easy right?

Well if you are just counting.  But we know Ms. H, she will make those little ones think.  Each child had a Ziploc bag with one inch square tiles.  Each tile had a number on it from 0 to 9.  They had a work sheet with three lines of squares with numbers in them . Each line was counting by a different group.  Oh and all the numbers weren't filled in.  They had to put a tile on a blank square and they could only use the number once(edit:  for some reason I had the word twice.  Sorry about that) First they had to figure what they are counting by and then put the missing number in.  After the page was filled in with tiles, they then could lift a tile and write the missing number in.

The page looked something like this: (I don't know how to make squares so imagine them instead of lines.)

_0   _0   80    _0    100

25   _0   3_   4_  45

__  20   _2    2_   26

I also worked with the children on their sight words. Most of them are doing well with them.  But some are still struggling.  All are improving, just some not as well as other.

I also read them a story.  It is one of my favorite books.  I have posted several times about this book.  The point of it is no one should be forced to be like everyone else.  We can make choices and live together with different points of view.  And this wonderful book is  Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon.  The book talks about the dragons loving to eat Princesses and knights in their crunchy armor.  One little boy said they should just eat the Princesses and leave the Knights alone.  At 7 girls have cooties.

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