Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weddings, lots of weddings

Monday was really busy at the  Marriage Factory.  I did 8 weddings in 3 hours, and C did a Spanish one during that time.  Most were very sweet, intense, and normal.  BUT of course I always have weird, different, or stand out from a crowd weddings. 

First the normal stuff:

 One couple were each over 6 foot tall.  Everyone in the room was at least 6 foot tall, except shorty me.  Very striking families.  The bride wore a cream sheath with an empire waist.  The waist was jeweled.  The groom was in black.  They plan to do a "real" wedding later.  This one was a hurry up.  He is being deployed to Afghanistan. 

Another couple was originally from Turkey.  She was lovely and exotic.  Her dress was strapless, cut on the bias, and came to just above the knees. Her shoes were goldish jeweled high heel sandals.  She wore a gorgeous finger tip veil that also had the face veil. The veil was tulle with lace flowers edging it.

One couple was older, each had been born in 1939.  This was their first marriage.  So love can hit any age.  They were so cute and so in love.

I took pictures of one couple and their witnesses.  Everyone was the same height except the groom, who was much taller.  I cut his head off in one picture.  I told them to delete it, and they laughed and said no.  They thought they would send it out to their friends as an announcement and say, "Guess who I married?"

Now to just a little different:

I did the ceremony for a policeman and a nurse.  The big brave policeman cried throughout the ceremony.  She tenderly wiped his eyes.  They told us they met when she fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked.  He was the responding officer.  Now I really would love the rest of the story.  Did she contact him later, did he take her to the hospital and then home?  How did they get together?

The most upsetting wedding was the first one of the day.  Clerk S told me they are a young couple.  They were very young.  He had just turned 18, she was 18 1/2.  Babies, I hate marrying babies.  It gets worse.  I checked the license, she was just divorced, three freaking weeks ago!  Oh, did I mention that that they were marrying because they had a two week old baby. 

I don't make this stuff up people.  They walk in and there you go, a story to be retold.

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