Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Many Weddings this week

Monday I had one wedding to do.  One, it was almost not worth going in, except even one is wonderful to perform.  This one wedding had it all:  lots of people, loud people, flowers, and they managed to tick me off.

I  heard this group in the lobby.  There was so much noise I thought several couples were waiting.  Wrong.  I called the couples name, asked IS EVERYONE HERE, and told them we would be going upstairs.  Every person in the lobby went with us.  I said my thing: cameras, rings, own vows, mute your phones.  Let us begin.  And two people walked out.  I quickly checked that the legal witness was still in the room and then asked what was going on.  Oh, two people weren't there yet and the others had gone to look for them.  I told them they had 3 minutes and then I was doing the ceremony.  Once in the room we can not just sit and wait for the rest of the party.  They found the missing ones in time and we did the ceremony.

The couple's two little boys had big red heart pillows with the rings on them. The bride wore a chiffony dress and a matching stole, she had a huge fresh water pearls necklace with matching pearls in her hair.  She carried a bouquet of tight white roses. 

This was a mixed race couple and some times the two families are just barely polite to each other.  Not this group:  happy, loud, hugging, laughing.  The groom's mother told me she didn't think she would live to see this day, they had been together 8 years.  She was thrilled with the marriage.

Wednesday there were two weddings.  The first bride was so nervous.  The groom was really worried about her.  He said she won't eat, she needs to eat.  She was shaky and he all but held her up during the ceremony They both cried during the vows.  As soon as we were back in the lobby, she went over to the Deli and bought a sandwich. 

The second couple had a cranky toddler.  He wanted to stand with the parents, only after they told him to sit with his grandmother.  Screaming, crying, (no tears of course) grabbing Mom's dress and  pulling it up.  He needed a swat.  I told them to let him stand with them and it would be fine.  It was, as soon as they said OK to him, he walked over to the pew and sat down.  But he wasn't done.  During pictures he refused to join them, screaming again, some one picked him up and put him in front the couple . He did that limp thing toddler's do, a noodle that can't stand on its own.  He was a brat.  I was taking pictures and took one of the temper tantrum.  I told them you want one real picture.  Then I kept talking to him ad he finally calmed down and actually smiled. 

I am the child whisperer.

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