Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ava's first birthday

Today's blog is mainly for family.  This is so family can see what they missed by not being with us yesterday.  Saturday we took a little road trip to Davis.  Our niece Ava was having her first birthday party.  It is hard to believe this darling (and I don't use that word much) child is a year old. 

                Ava just one year ago.  We could see the beginnings of her red hair.

                               Ava now, with Mom Casey

Ava in her party dress.  She is ready to receive her guests.

Marty and I brought gifts for Hall and Annabella also.  Just because it isn't your birthday doesn't mean you don't want or deserve a gift too.

                                 Big sister Annabella helping Ava open her gifts.

                                       More help from Annabella.

               Why are these people looking at me?   What's going on?
 Annabella and Hall on the left.  Big girl cousin on the right.

A crown for the birthday girl.  And she was not happy with it.

 What is this dumb thing on my head?  Get it off!!!!!!!!!!!!

               CAKE!  This I understand.  Gimme!

 Notice the pretty dress is gone.  Stripped to just a diaper, the perfect way to eat my cake. MINE!

 Notice Annabella approaching the cake.  Ava does not notice, she is too busy eating icing.

I see you there Annabella.  Stay away.  Notice the swipe in the back of the cake.  Annabella did damage before Ava started watching for her.

If you are still reading this post, you are family, love goofy pictures, or a stalker.  We had a fun time with Ava and her guests from both sides of her family.  We are so happy having Tres and Casey and their little ones close to us.  

Happy Birthday Ava.

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Janet A said...

Marty says I should put our great or grand niece Ava. I just put niece usually.