Sunday, August 7, 2011

The parents are just stupid

This afternoon we went to see Cowboys and Aliens, which is rated PG-13.  That means there is stuff in it that little children should not see.  I really enjoyed this summer entertainment movie.  But it had scary stuff, icky stuff, jump out at you aliens.  The aliens were gross, they dripped icky mucus stuff. They had body parts that were disgusting. They were scary. Then we had deaths, bloody wounds, dead horses and cattle, and a dog in danger.  Nothing here for very young children.

That did not keep lots of parents from bringing their little ones to this movie.  A family walked in and the little girl was already upset.  She kept saying, "I don't want to see this, I don't want to be here."  Guess where they sat, right behind Marty and me.  The little girl walked up and down the row, bouncing my chair, bumping my head, pulling my hair, and whining.  And her parents talked throughout the picture to the children, not even whispering.  This was one time that the loudness of a movie got points from me.  It helped to drown out this family.

There were crying children, whose parents had to take them out. There were bored children and their parents took them out. Thank you parents. Some of the little ones were scared, and probably will dream about the gross scary aliens (hell, I may dream about them).  The parents should not have brought their kids to see this film.  It is highly entertaining, but it is an adult film.  Get a sitter next time parents, don't subject your children to a scary film. And don't subject the audience to your upset children.

And that is this old lady's rant.

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Great comments. I second all of them.