Friday, August 19, 2011

So very slow at the Marriage Factory

Monday I did only two weddings.  There was a threat of 8, but more about that later.

The first couple were from Afghanistan.  They were very reserved.  After I pronounced them married, he laughed and said they would do the kiss in private.  The groom did ask me the number one question I get.  "How many weddings a day do you do?"  And I gave my stock answer, "Zero to 9 in a three hours shift, average around 5."

Wedding two the couple were Hispanic.  They had already exchanged rings and did not want the ring ceremony.  They were a little weird.  He had a death grip on her hands.  She kept pulling away from him and playing with her bracelet.  He would grab her again and finally he held her so tight she couldn't get loose.  I was getting worried,  It looked like maybe she didn't want to be there. Should I stop things and talk to her? Was she going to balk?  She seemed to relax and I didn't stop the wedding.  After I pronounced them married, great big kiss, big hugs, everyone happy.  Still it was strange.

Then an empty lobby until 3:55. We had couples everywhere.  The clerks told me we had 6 couples punched in to buy a marriage license.  I could be there until after 5:00 if they wanted to be married in our wedding room.  As it turned out 5 couples were only buying licenses.  One couple wanted to get married today.  But there was a problem, they had lost their license. (many couples pre buy their license) So could we just pull up that license and then we could do the ceremony.  No.  They needed to buy another license.  Each license has a number, and you can't print another one without the original being there.  When they found out they would have to buy a new license for $85, they went home to look again for their license.

Sidebar: I am having major allergy problems.  They have drug on for months.  The doctor has tried different things, but we never get the whole respiratory thing cleared up.  The last several weeks I have really been bad.  So I haven't gone in as often to do weddings.  New meds start tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully next week I can make both Monday and Wednesday at the Marriage Factory.

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