Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Night Out

Tuesday was National Night Out.  Our neighborhood had our first party last year.  This year we had a few more people, some new and some repeats.  We were to bring an appetizer and something to drink. This year we didn't have any police or fireman join us.  There was an upsurge in parties and they couldn't attend all of them.  We met the new people, renewed acquaintances with folks we hadn't talked to since last year.  We live on a long curvy street.  We wave to each other, but not much talking goes on with the down hill people.

This was at the entrance to the cul de sac across the street from us.  The neighbors who live on the cul de sac let us have the party there.  The street we live on is on the bus line so it isn't safe to have a party on the street.  And we can't block off the street because of the bus line.

On the left is a google earth picture of our street.  On the right our names and a push pin.  We moved the names and stuck them into our houses.  It was fun to see where we all live.

                  Marty and Dee (our organizer) set up trash bags by the food and drinks tables. 

Marty is talking to a little one who is trying to ride a scooter.  She couldn't figure out how to have one foot on it and one to push.  So she just pushed it around the circle.  Notice in the back the little boy in a cape.  He also had a mask he wore part of the time.  He was one of the transformers.

This is a shot of some of the neighbors.  Not everyone was there yet.  We had two full tables of food, a cooler with beer and white wine, and a table with tea, water, and red wine.

The party was 7:00 to 9:00.  Just in case you didn't notice in the pictures, we are wearing coats, sweaters, sweatshirts.  The fog was coming back in and it was right brisk.  We think next year we will have a neighbor bring his patio heater. 

The group is going to form an online or email informational group.  With that we can let others know if strangers are wandering on the street.  Our area has a low crime rate, but we need to be aware who belongs here and who doesn't.  Also if people are traveling we can be aware to  keep watch on their houses,  we can set up gatherings for holidays etc.  Suggestions were also made to have a neighborhood facebook page. 

The evening was a success and it was fun.  We are lucky to have someone like Dee do all the work to put the evening together.  She is a good neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Why is it called National Night Out?

Janet A said...

People all over the USA gather to get to meet their neighbors. It is a national party held on the first Tuesday night of August. Go back to the first sentence and click on National Night Out, the history of the organization is there.