Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marriage Ceremonies

Wednesday was a busy day for Spanish ceremonies, English not so much.  I did have some interesting couples. 

One couple had not known they had to have a license and a ceremony in order to be legally married.  Now they were not from a foreign country where you sign a book at City Hall and are declared married.  They were born in the USA.   The bride’s divorce was final in the last year, so she had experience in the marriage game.  How could they not know a license was needed and a ceremony?  They were highly miffed at the need for a ceremony.  Lots of moaning and groaning.  I did the three sentence ceremony and we sent them on their way.

Then we had the happy bride.  This young woman had an infectious smile and laugh.  She was beaming and so was I.  And the groom, he is interesting for his name.  I will not tell the real name.  But I will give you an example.  Let’s say his name was Pee Wee Reese Jones III. Not a name many mothers would pick. I asked if there was a connection to famous name.  He said no, his grandfather was born before famous name made baseball history.  Such a one of a kind name, and makes me wonder how his family came by it.

White lace dresses seem to be the fashion choice lately.  One of my brides was on her third marriage.  She was around 40 and she was built like a fireplug. Really she had no waist. That is not said with disrespect, but so you can visualize the bride.  She wore a short white lace dress, had a blue garter at the knee, nude stockings (few wear stockings anymore) beige heels, and carried painted daisies.  She was hyper excited, explaining too much, talking talking, and crying. He was the calm her down guy.  They were sweet.  And I hope this marriage works for her.

The last couple were so tiny.  Tiny bones, short, delicate looking people.  He was maybe five foot three.  She wore 4 inch heels and was still shorter than the groom.  He wore a black suit and tie with a white shirt that had silver threads running through it.  The bride wore a white lace mini that had a square neck.  A gorgeous couple.  As Clerk C finished the paper work, we all talked.  The groom said, “Graduated from college, check.  Married, check.  Now we need jobs.”  Both with engineering degrees and they are waiting tables.  How sad is that?  I really would like to hear a good ending for them. 

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