Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You may have noticed

I am pretty sure you noticed I have not written for nearly a week.  I have had a cold.  Not just any cold.  THE COLD that has wiped out the Bay Area.  I have felt awful, but luckily have not been as sick as many others.

Joe the Landlord was sick in bed for 5 days.  I have a friend who has been in bed off and on for over a week. Some friends were so sick they missed days of work.  I have drug around for a week.  I start to  think I am better and then I need a nap, a three hour nap.

In this time at home I had planned to write cute, clever blogs.  I wrote them, I read them, and then I deleted them.  The cold has killed my thought process.  I can't write, and I have trouble reading.  It is just too much trouble to concentrate.

I didn't go to the Marriage Factory last week, I didn't work with the first graders today, and I am worried about Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday is my Marriage Factory day. Thursday is Valentine's Day, a very busy day for weddings.  I need to be on my A game. I am the only volunteer for the day.  So keep a good thought for me and the couples I will be marrying.  May my befuddled mind work well enough to do a legal ceremony.

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