Sunday, February 17, 2013

Other signs of Valentine’s Day

I posted about the Marriage Factory on Valentine’s Day.  But there were other signs of love in the air.    Roses were delivered to the Marriage Factory for some of the clerks.  As Marty and I drove home, we saw people carrying flowers.  On Facebook people showed pictures of what loved ones had given them.  There were posts of love messages from friends and family.  Our three pretend grandchildren  were shown with heart shaped pizzas they had made. Cards arrived from family.  Valentine’s Day has become a day of love for friends and family, not just for couples.  I think that is great.

Marty and I had to stop at Safeway for a couple of things for supper.  The parking lot was full, and people were coming out with bouquets and plants of blooming flowers.  Everywhere we looked there were men and women carrying flowers.  Inside the grocery there were dozens of empty containers that each once held 6 or more bouquets.  There were some flowers left.  People were also buying candy, heart cookies/cakes/cupcakes, heart balloons, orchid plants, and other blooming plants.  There were little Teddy Bears that had candy attached.  Champagne was in carts.  And the lines to pay were really really long.  Just in the floral department the line was at least 20 deep.

One of our new neighbors works in the bakery.  We talked to her about all the last minute shopping.  She told us the rush had begun the day before.  That they just kept restocking the flower containers, and restocking cakes etc.  Not only was this a great sign of love, but it showed maybe that the economy is improving.  Roses are stupidly expensive Valentine’s week.

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