Friday, February 1, 2013

Confidential and Public Marriage Licenses

Wednesday I only did 2 wedding ceremonies, one public and one confidential.  Refresher course on marriage licenses: a public license needs at least one witness at the ceremony, anyone may get a copy of the license; on the other hand a confidential license doesn’t need a witness for the ceremony and unless a judge issues a court order, no one except the bride and groom may get a copy of the license.

Why get a confidential license you ask?  Some people have lived together for many many years and do not want people to know they weren’t married.  Police officers, public figures, famous people, criminals, and celebrities don’t want anyone one to know their address/the name of their spouse.    There is personal information on the license that could be dangerous for enemies, press, stalkers to have.  Finally, some people are just very private.

We are going to skip over the public wedding on Wednesday and go for the confidential wedding.  Guess who I married Wednesday afternoon.  A celebrity and his celebrity wife.  One hint, it was not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Another hint, I can never tell you if you guessed right.  No hints as to whether they were actors, political figures, head of the CIA, reality stars, gunman and his moll on the run, computer nerds, sports figures, Mayor of Las Vegas, the list could go on forever of who I won’t tell you. 

But I can tell you some things that happened.  People in the lobby recognized them and asked if they were there to marry.  They said no, they were there for another reason.  Many of the clerks recognized them as did the Deputies.  Me, I had no clue until it was explained to me.  I need to keep up more. 

The couple are well over the age requirement.  They are pulling down big bucks.  They live in a really really nice area.  They are independent, they can do what ever they want.  But it was if they were 16 year olds who had eloped.  They seemed to be looking over their shoulders for someone to forbid the marriage.  Interesting feel to the room  They were very much in love, excited about the wedding, but hesitant at the same time.

After the paper work was finished, they stressed again that no one could find out.  We explained even if it were a public license no staff would tell.  All our customers have that promise of confidentiality. Now as to the people in the lobby who saw me with the license take them upstairs, who knows what stories they will tell.


Kakers said...

Huh, I didn't realize there was an option to have a confidential lisence. Does that vary by state? ~Katy

Janet A said...

Katy from what I can find out, CA is the only state that has a confidential license. Must be because of Hollywood.
Sorry to take so long to respond.