Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ducks and things

At Kaiser school on Tuesday, ducks were the topic of the day.  Duck worksheets, ducks stories, and ducks in the room.    Once again this year Ms. H  had duck eggs in an incubator.  The class learned a little sex education, the care of eggs for 28 days, and the hatching process. 
As the ducklings became larger, they were placed outside in a large covered pen with water and food. (weekends Ms. H took them home with her) They would visit the classroom some days and some days the class went outside to watch and feed the ducklings.  Tuesday was the last day the ducklings were at school.  They were being moved back to the home of the mother duck.

The ducklings look yellow in some of the pictures.  They are closer to white now, especially the larger one.  I cut off the heads of the children on purpose.  Not cool to post pictures of children without the parents’ consent.

Ms. H put a big tarp down, a pan of water, and then turned the ducklings loose.  The children had chard they tore into small pieces and then threw on the tarp for the ducklings. Amazingly the ducklings stayed on the tarp.  They seem to like people.
They are just a little silly, they swim where they drink. 
This picture is truer to their color.  Notice their tiny wings.  They are Pekin ducks, raised for meat and eggs, not for flying.  And yes, the children were told this.
A little water time for our ducklings.
The story I read to the class was a classic, Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck.  Again in the middle of reading the book, the same little girl was pulled away to go to a special class.  She did not want to leave.  I promised her I would read her the rest of the story when she returned. And I did.

I have a picture update of our globes.  Slow process you may think.  But they were really really wet with glue and must be bone dry to paint.
As you can see, the painting has begun.  Some are only partially  painted.  Some of the children have been out sick.  By next week we should have the continents on the globes.  I hope the globes don’t go home before you see the finished product.

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