Sunday, April 21, 2013

Food, great food

One thing we know for sure when visiting Richard and Luis, we will eat well.  Whether breakfast, snack time, lunch or dinner, good stuff is there.  You want a soft drink, your favorite will appear.  Hungry for a special candy, look in the pantry.  And then we have the two huge refrigerators.  Such a choice of meats, veggies, cheeses, ice cream.  Sometimes I think Richard is still shopping for his restaurant.  There is an abundance of goodness.

The four of us all work in the kitchen at one way or another: cooking, prepping, washing up, setting the table.    Sometimes together, sometimes alone.  Last night we put on a dinner party by committee.

Richard was our master shopper coming home with great produce, cheese, shrimp, and with the biggest steaks in the county, also the most tender juicy steaks. And he provided the Tres Leches cake for dessert.

Luis made his world famous shrimp ceviche.  So very very good. I have eaten this for years but had never seen the whole process of making it.  Labor intensive.

I made twice baked potatoes and stuffed tomatoes.

Marty made a Cesar salad, grilled the steaks, and made a wine mushroom sauce.

Our guests provided fabulous wines.

It was a lovely evening.  I met two interesting men and enjoyed talking to them.  Marty, Richard, and Luis have known them for years.

I failed at taking pictures.  I saw how pretty the table was and how colorful the foods was and thought pictures.  Then I raced back to our room to put on a clean shirt, lipstick, and jewelry. They told me to come join the party and I just forgot.

Tomorrow we do the reverse road trip and go home.  Think good thoughts so those trucks and buses will stay out of MY fast lane.

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