Saturday, September 14, 2013

And the drama continued

Last Saturday I posted I was in the hospital and hoping to go home soon.  A lot has gone down since that.  First I will be OK.  A-fib is a lifetime condition and it takes a lot of people  to get the magic formula for meds.

Monday a nursing assistant was walking me.  I had to be able to walk with out tiring or shortness of breath before  being discharged.  He knew I was in trouble before I did.  I was really having trouble breathing.  Shortness of breath, where did that come from?  After an x-ray to check for pneumonia and a cat scan to see all other  possibilities, I had clots in  my lungs. A Doppler scan (I want to make a bad joke about storms etc. but will control myself) was done to check clots in my legs, none.  Then another cat scan of my brain (yes I have one) for bleeders from the meds.  Brain OK.

I was already on a blood thinner,  and then put on another one. This one is a shot into the stomach.  I couldn't go home until I could give myself the shots.  I put on  my big girl panties and learned how quickly.   Every night I thought I was going home the next day.  My heart had converted and I had a normal rhythm.

Every night something new cropped up.  Finally late Thursday afternoon I was discharged. We got home at 6:00.  I took my blood pressure before meds and it was sky high.  We called 911 and I rode in the ambulance to the nearest Kaiser. You have not lived until someone tries to start an IV on a bumpy road.  That one is off my bucket list.

I was not  taken to my wonderful Walnut Creek Kaiser, if was too far. I went to Kaiser Hayward. It is terrible.  I found out why everyone says, do not go to Hayward.  They treated me awfully, and implied I was wasting their precious time.  They sent me home.

The next morning my blood pressure was even higher.  I called the advice nurse, she conferred with a doctor.  He said I needed to come to the Walnut Creek ED.  And that is was safe for Marty to drive me, no ambulance needed.  I stayed several hours.  They checked everything out, got me stable again, and said it was safe to go home.

Last night BP was high but not as scary high.  I just now took my BP and it is down, not enough, but not ER high levels! 

I really hope all the drama is over now and I can just get on with my new life style.  Thanks for all the love and prayers sent over the last week and a half. 

Joe has sent me several posts about his weddings.  Until I am able to do marriages he said he has it covered.  Thanks Joe.

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