Thursday, September 19, 2013

I don't do anything the easy way.

Monday Marty took me to a close by Kaiser to have lab work.  This was the test to see if my blood was too thick, too thin, or just right.  The test came back in the just right range.  They need two tests before setting up the next 4 days levels of Warfarin.  I was to be tested on Wednesday when I had a follow up doctor's visit.

Tuesday night BP was in a low safe range.  I was excited.  Maybe I could start driving, go places other than Kaiser, start living a normal life.  Wednesday at the doctor's office, high BP, and a-fib acting up again.   All settled down  and I was to do lab work and then go home. 

Last night I took my BP and it was so very high.  We called the advice nurse and he conferred with a doctor.  I had taken my meds to start the drop hopefully.  They asked us to take BP again, still climbing.  They sent us to Oakland ED around 11:00. 

Oakland Kaiser care is close to Walnut Creek.  Lots of calming, meds given, doctors in and out.  Nurses constantly checking and calming me.  At 2:30 they said all looked good, a-fib gone, and discharged me. 

We slept in this morning, we both were worn out.  I took my BP at 10:00 and all was normal.  I took meds, Marty put the new patch on me, it is to give a more consistent dosage of BP med. 

I really wish this was a funny post, a happy post, a anything but medical post.  But this is my life right now.   Maybe my neighbors will do something dumb and I can write about that.

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